“I have had the great honor and pleasure of enjoying Aida’s skin care services for over 6 years now. She has not only exceeded my expectations in providing exceptional service but has become a very loyal and trusted friend. That is why I feel good about bringing my daughter, as well, to have Aida perform facial and skin enhancing services. Aida understands what service excellence means to a valued client. She also takes the time to understand your specific skin care needs and addresses them in a competent and professional manner. For years I have enjoyed her personal approach and would never have the need to visit with another skin care professional.” - Elizabeth Cross

 "I am very pleased with the professional waxing services I receive from Faces by Aida. I will not go anywhere else for waxing. Having your eyebrows and lip waxed is not a service you want to trust to just anyone. The service Aida performs, consistently, makes my eyebrows look clean and evenly shaped. I have recommended Faces By Aida to many others and will continue to do so. If you are looking for a friendly and professional environment and great services, you will not be disappointed."  - Josie Graves

 "Approximately 10 years ago I started getting facial and leg waxing by Aida. Soon after, I started to get facials too. It wasn't long after that I started receiving compliments about my complexion. My friends and family noticed a difference and I was hooked. Using gift cards, I introduced my family to Aida and they too are hooked. My mother-in-law and my mother drive all the way from Miami just for Aida's services. Now that my two teenage boys are old enough, they too have facials done by Aida. I guess you can call us the family with Faces by Aida." - Randi Silverberg

"When I was told I have breast cancer, after the shock wore off and the acceptance of my diagnosis sank in, I inundated myself with information. There were many doctors to see & research to be done because very important decisions needed to be made. The information available is vast & immense. Too much to document in a quick paragraph here. One of the many things I learned is the treatment of our mental and emotional well being is just as important as our physical treatment of the breast. The side affects of the diagnosis and treatments themselves need to be treated along with the cancer. Faith, psychotherapy & patient/survivor support groups all help us keep our minds in check and our attitudes positive. However there are many aspects of feeling good. Relaxation & meditation help to keep us focused on our path to survival. Yoga and spa treatments are my choice for peace & relaxation. Just recently, I learned about Oncology Esthetics which led me to Aida at Faces by Aida. Aida is certified in Oncology Esthetics and offers healing with her experience & knowledge. Aida not only treats your skin but she treats your heart and soul too. Aida cares & believes in her contribution to the health & wellness of everyone, cancer patient or not. The fact that she can help in the treatment of people living with cancer is just an added bonus". - Beth Erickson  

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